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F & I Quoting & Sales Solutions
Easy Fin Module
An F&I Quoting and sales solution to help your F&I’s with professional tools to help meet
the ever growing list of legal requirements and increase 2nd Gross sales.

•   Integrations to both Seriti and Signio to save your F&I time and effort and help improve the response time for your
•   Designed on the basis of research into people’s buying patterns using cognisant of psychological theories.
•   EasyFin is an F&I sales tool which improves product penetration, sales and profits.​
•   EasyFin assesses the sale type and client needs then offers simple choices with regular communication.​
•   Saving time for F&I’s and producing a constant and professional presentation of all products.
•   EasyFin is a live system with reports available in various forms to assist the entire dealership with approval progress
    and projection data.

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