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We have combined all products that utilise scanning of South African Driver’s License
into one App. This is to streamline the products, and improve communication.

Easy Quote
This feature allows Sales Executives to load new clients onto Easy Quote by scanning the client's RSA Driver's License. It acts as fast, efficient client information capture. Another feature allows Sales Executives to send quotes and brochures from the phone in 30 seconds as the stock list loads onto the App.

Easy Pic
This feature allows the Stock Controller to take images of a vehicle which is then directly uploaded from the phone onto the stock list.

Easy Access Control
Instant Driver’s License and Vehicle License Disk scanning for Easy Gate Access control from your mobile phone. Once a driver’s license has been scanned it can immediately let a Sales Executive or a specific department know that a client has arrived.

Easy Car Rentals
Driver’s license for Car rentals.
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