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Real Access Control
Real Access Control is an online solution that takes advantage of technology to Quickly
​ and Accurately record who and what vehicles are entering and exiting your properties

Access Security
Access control solution allows convenient and safe tracking of who is entering and exiting your premises by simply scanning South African Drivers Licence and vehicle license disk. ​

Cost Effective
Saves you time and money, keeping your premises safe efficiently.To view costs, sign up or login.

All the relevant information and management thereof is stored in the cloud and controlled via an easy web-based interface. Information is viewable only by authorised users. No more registration books required which are vulnerable to theft.

Secure Tracking
Keeping track of the time people spend on the premises.

Easy Access automatically notifies residents of a visitor arrival.

Fraud Security
Safeguard against falsified information prior to entering the premises.

Instant Reports
Electronic safe keeping of information and pull reports at any time.

Verify Authenticity of persons trying to enter your premises and deterring criminals.

Restricted Access
Blacklist specific vehicles or individuals.
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