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TimeTag App
Your company's productivity and profitability is directly related to attendance.
​With each client this product is customisable to the needs of the ​company and can be
set up according to requirements.

TimeTag App
Easy Systems have developed a Mobile App which monitors the activities of Sales / Marketing staff by working off the GPS Co-ordinates of their cell phone, so it guarantees that they have visited the clients they say they have visited and also gives you the duration of the visit. You are able to draw information per Sales Person showing where, when and how long they were at your clients for.

Reduce Cost
Staff salaries cost you hundreds of thousands of Rands per person per year and if you can improve the efficiency of your sales staff by just the smallest value, you will save thousands of Rands, not to mention the additional gain in business income due to a more efficient sales force.

Increase Profitability
A 10% improvement in performance on just 1 sales person earning 200 000 PA is a saving of 20 000 PA. This improvement and more is easily achievable with our software.

Bridge Communication Barriers
If you have a sales force on the move, then our Mobile App is a must to track which clients they have seen, for how long, and how many clients per day, allowing you the reliable information on what is going on in your business from a management level.
​Biometric Scanner
Our Time & Attendance machine is an elegant,
robust and ergonomic design, it combines
Fingerprint and mobile application data.
Offering the added option of an automatic
salary and wages calculation.​
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