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Your company's productivity and profitability is directly related to attendance.
​ With each client this product is customisable to the needs of the ​company and can be set up according to requirements.

Cloud Based
This online system allows you to access information from anywhere. Whether you have one store, or 100. Everything is linked up to a user-friendly website, bridging that communication barrier and putting the power back in your hands.

Reduce Costs & Save
Only pay employees for the times spent working. Automated daily, weekly and monthly reports free up valuable time and increase profitability.

Eliminate Fraud
Easy Systems biometric clock-in device will give you better control of late/early arrivals and departures, lunch breaks as well as buddies signing in for each other, which is a common occurrence with any manual system.

Employment Equity
TimeTag provides you with a platform to create full staff portfolios - Medical History, Next of Kin, Physical Address, Race, Gender and Position held in the store – the majority of the staff information needed Employment Equity reporting. ​ A document upload feature allows for storage of contracts, leave/sick forms, disciplinary forms - all easily accessible at any time.

Reduce Costs & Save
Control the hours worked. Manage the number of staff who work in relation to busy and quieter times of the month. Instantly producing more profits.

Eliminate Fraud
The scanner is an elegant, robust and ergonomic design. It can hold up to 3000 fingerprints, these feature templates are used to match feature data when users register on the terminal, converting the captured features into value and comparing these to eliminate variance and ensures high precision fingerprint identification.
​Mobile App
If you have a sales force on the move,then our
Mobile App is a must to track which clients they
have seen, for how long, and how many clients
per day, allowing you the reliable information
on what is going on in your business from a
management level.
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